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Introduction about Geology Sector

 Briefly introduction:

People born and exist on Earth, but the understanding of people on Planet is very limited. The earth surfaces the high mountains or plains or vast plateau, the river is wide sea long. But many mysteries contained in the ground like minerals or precious water resources, including the potential dangers. Geology is the scientific study of the Earth's crust; help us learn about the things on.

Working conditions and career opportunities:

Working in the field of geology, we have access to the means of modern passenger aircraft use photography as to survey the ground, the ship is equipped with advanced surveying the ocean, the rig can drill thousands of meters into the ground etc.  To help us explore the mysteries of the earth. Geology allows people a chance to go many places to learn about the country and people in different territories, as well as have the opportunity to explore deep into the ground on 10 km.

In our country, in order to promote the industrialization and modernization of the country, need a lot of solid minerals (metallic and non-metallic), oil and gas. So, geologists must take the lead in the search, exploration and evaluation of mineral resources reserves of the country, research new technologies for mineral processing. Because country require desperately needs young people with geosciences.

Some careers in geology:

In geology, you will specialize in subjects such as:

- Geology: Geological Research serving the search for useful minerals.

- Geological and hydrological: geological study to search, extraction and processing of underground water for domestic service, agriculture, industry etc.

- Geology - Geotechnical: geological research service building different types of projects, proposals and design solutions foundation.

- Raw Mineral Research geological and mineral prospecting service and advanced technologies for mineral processing.

- Place the ecological and environmental technology: Research geological perspective rational exploitation and environmental geology...

 Geological Scientist: Develop programs of scientific research contributing to the mission of the country as a structural study of the Earth's crust in a large territory or a specific area (including land instant and oceans), discovered the general rule on the distribution of soil types, the critical place of the earth's crust, the rules of formation and distribution of liquid and solid minerals, groundwater resources for the economic exploitation of the territory in many different areas and protection of the geological environment where people live. Geological scientists can work in the state agency's many ministries various research institutes, universities.

Geotechnical Engineer: Direct participation and executive work in the trip itinerary to collect information, drawing geological maps. Geotechnical Engineer to work in ministries such as Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Ministry of Construction, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the Department of the respective provinces, corporations, unions and union company geologists - oil etc.

Qualities and skills needed

- Interest of natural sciences such as mathematics, physics, and chemistry, biological, geographical

- Favorite exploration, discovery, analytical thinking sum, logical high

- Hardworking, hard work, self-discipline and honesty in business

- Good foreign language and good informatics



This is a very broad category, involving many different areas. An overview can understand resource is a field study of the formation and exploitation measures efficiently, economically and safely. Avoid waste and adverse impacts on the environment and humans, as well as maintain, conserve national resources.

Working conditions and career opportunities:

People who work in this field requires a high sense of responsibility and to accept and overcome difficult situations such as frequent business trips…but in return do in this industry often followed contact with the natural environment, there is a chance exposure to modern technology, dynamic working environment and a lot of places. After graduation students can work in the research and protection of natural resources, the protection of natural resources association or teaching at universities and colleges

Qualities and skills required:

- Good health and accept difficult circumstances.

- Accept the terms often are out of town.

- Ability to work collectively.

- Ability to approach and solve problems logically, scientifically.

- There are disciplined, serious, and careful during the approach and implementation of research as in actual construction.

- Favorites natural sciences.

- Understanding interdisciplinary science and technology.

- Likes to explore, discover.



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